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I used to think that I was a hopeless case until I realized that, like any skill, the more you flirt, the better you get at it. A friend of mine advocates making a list of the things you’re looking for in a potential mate, and I’m all for being clear about what you want.

Speed dating is a great option for getting out there, chatting with new people who are as nervous as you are (believe me), and building your confidence. Nonetheless, while someone can seem logically (he’s over 6’ tall, and can quote Shakespeare), in reality, the romantic chemistry may not be there.

Carrie Bradshaw would approve of our 10 Best Blogs for Dating in the City, where the glitz and glamour of the big city serves as a backdrop for finding love.

Down every sidewalk is good advice and thoughtful consideration. Bragging Rights: where singles get social Single in the City comes from one of the most successful dating event companies in Toronto, where two single gals with years of experience in events and promotions and a sense of fun, energy and adventure created the type of dating service they would love to use.

That's what we've been doing wrong, readers - we've been spending time in the wrong neighborhoods.

Stand out in a city full of other people looking for love."Godddd, what am I doing wrong?

" is the form of hello I get from most of my girlfriends living in the city.

Fortunately, for those of you who still believe in the merits of face-to-face interaction (how quaint), there is another option out there.

Based on your impressions, you check off yea or nay on a score sheet, and wait to hear back from the company about matches.

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