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Particularly, Zico’s lyrics to “You are Me I am You” had taken the BBCs by surprise.

It now appears that the culprit who melted the hip hopper’s heart was none other than the beautiful Seol Hyun.

Their agencies have sorta confirmed they are dating after this news broke, with vague comments that they are super close senior and junior and find support with each other.

Good for them to dating happily in their twenties while pursuing successful and demanding singing careers.

have been snapped dating in the wee hours of the night, many times with Seolhyun being caught running into his apartment complex.

The label stated even the Block B member was confused upon learning about the rumor. I think people might have mistaken him for ZICO just by his physical appearance. Just a few days ago, G-Dragon also denied rumors that he is dating Sulli.

The two were one of the hottest couples to have revealed their relationship back in August 2016, less than 6 month from announcing their relationship the two announced their breakup.

Woo Ji-ho (Korean: 우지호; born September 14, 1992), widely known by his stage name, Zico (Korean: 지코), is a South Korean rapper, producer, singer-songwriter and leader of the boy group Block B, signed under the label Seven Seasons.

The article focused on the latest dates between the two iconic idols, driving along the Han Gang and hanging out at Zico’s apartment.

Since early this year, rumors of the two dating had been circulating the netizen forums, so this news may not come as a surprise to AOA and BLOCK B fans. On August 7th at pm KST, Dispatch paparazzis found Seol Hyun getting out of a taxi and hurrying towards a specific apartment.

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Since her breakup with Choiza, Sulli has been linked to a couple of idols including G-Dragon and Zico.

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