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Ben (Scott Speedman) is the reason Felicity goes to school in New York. Surprised at seeing her there, he becomes uncomfortable with her interest in him. He has a great deal of conflict with his father (played by John Ritter), who is an alcoholic who routinely makes promises that he fails to keep.

Ben's mother, however, is a stable and loving parent.

She also told her mother, Claudette, that she had plans of finishing her doctorate and writing a book someday. Rebecca and Warner traveled with her grandfather, Bryce Wyms, to Los Angeles so Warner could meet Claudette.

They arrived at the Barn and prepared to leave for dinner.

In an attempt to bargain for a second chance at life, Von has 72 Hours to right the romantic wrongs he's made to all of his exes.

With the help of his best friend Tyrann (Brian Hooks) and the determination to live, Von embarks on a hilarious journey to seek redemption and soon realizes that heaven nor hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." The film also stars Terri J.

Felicity decides to abandon her plans to study pre-med at Stanford University and instead follows Ben to New York.

Once there she realizes her decision was more than about Ben, that she needs to find herself, away from her parents' influence and expectations.

The next day, Rebecca and Warner were returning to Boston and had plans to have dinner with Claudette again, but she refused.

Tangi Miller (born February 28, 1970) is an American actress, model and dancer.

As an actress she is known for the role of Elena Tyler on the popular television drama Felicity.

As they walk towards a nearby restaurant, Claudette asked Warner how he met Rebecca.

After he answered, Rebecca was angered and saddened by her mother's reaction.

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