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FOX411: You were only 18 when you were cast on “90210” and we never saw you partying.

Jennie Garth: I attribute that to my family upbringing.

“I’m really busy right now and I feel like that’s such a selfish thing to say, but I mean I’ve spent all of my life working and making babies and raising children and, you know, living on someone else’s clock that right now, when I don’t have my kids — which is sharing custody with their father – when I have my time to myself, I’m really having like this major creative time,” she said.

She attended Greenway High School as a freshman and transferred to Apollo High School in her sophomore year.

"It doesn't matter what the person looks like or what they really do.

There has to be that first and foremost, that zing.

In 2012, she starred in her own reality show, Jennie Garth: A Little Bit Country on CMT. The youngest of seven children (though the only child of both), Garth spent much of her youth on a 25-acre horse ranch between Sadorus and Arcola, Illinois.

For a time the family stayed in Tuscola, Illinois; but eventually they settled in Glendale, Arizona, when Garth was around thirteen years old.

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  1. i end up settling from the very 1st date lol plus most girls online are super shady I'd say it varies by geography. Like ghetto nasty (black and white both) and rife with single mothers or girls that are, as harsh as it seems, just kinda ugly.