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It has now been confirmed by ancient DNA test that the first Homo sapiens to colonize Europe during the Aurignacian period (45,000 to 28,000 years ago), belonged to haplogroups CT, C1a, C1b, F and I.

It is estimated that the I1 branch bifurcated from the rest of haplogroup I some 27,000 years ago.

Before the World Cup game, the teams met on March 7, 2014 game in Albufeira, Portugal, during the 2014 Algarve Cup. co-captain Carli Lloyd is the two-time reigning FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year.

It is found mostly in Scandinavia and Finland, where it typically represent over 35% of the Y chromosomes.

Distribution of haplogroup I1 in Europe Haplogroup I is the oldest major haplogroup in Europe and in all probability the only one that originated there (apart from very minor haplogroups like C1a2 and deep subclades of other haplogroups).

Haplogroup IJ would have arrived from the Middle East to Europe some 35,000 years ago, then developed into haplogroup I soon afterwards.

Associated with the Norse ethnicity, I1 is found in all places invaded by ancient Germanic tribes and the Vikings.

After the core of ancient Germanic civilisation in Scandinavia, the highest frequencies of I1 are observed in other Germanic-speaking regions, such as Germany, Austria, the Low Countries, England and the Scottish Lowlands, which all have between 10% and 20% of I1 lineages.

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