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Here's how it went down: Think Vogue is a bit confused on what gender fluidity is!Wearing your gf's T-shirt does not make you gender fluid Uky PADJDwv PV — Colette Fahy (@colettefahy_) July 13, 2017 straight cis couple shares clothes, Vogue declares them gender fluid.According to Mark Witton, an illustrator who researches and specializes in dinosaurs, that misconception is based off depictions of this animal from the 1890s. "The ["Jurassic World"] press has been showing their mosasaur has a series of scutes along it's back, similar to depictions of these animals by artists working in the 1890s.These Victorian artists were misled by bones which had dislocated from the throat to lie along the top of fossil skeletons, but this mistake was recognised by the early 1900s." Witton told Business Insider.And it’s not just the phone that Joe has to compete with. MORE: Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris hang out with Taylor’s ex and his new beau Gigi gave us a more passionate public display of affection with Kendall than she has with Joe since their relationship was confirmed.While attending the US Open earlier this week, BFF Kendall Jenner tagged along with the couple.

Joe Jonas, once one third of popular Disney band The Jonas Brothers, has been reinventing himself recently.

While you’d think dating a model would be oh so different from dating any other girl in the modern world, it would seem not.

While attending Rihanna’s New York Fashion Week shindig – admittedly a lot more glam than your regular house party – poor Joe was snapped desperately trying to get girlfriend Gigi’s attention. Who could not relate to this tragic 21st Century dating scene.

But they have yet to visit them in his home town of Bradford.

When asked what attracted her most to Zayn, Gigi said: "I would say his brain.

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