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Linda Ray is an award-winning journalist with more than 20 years reporting experience.

She's covered business for newspapers and magazines, including the "Greenville News," "Success Magazine" and "American City Business Journals." Ray holds a journalism degree and teaches writing, career development and an FDIC course called "Money Smart." Researchers at the Harvard Business School report that body language often is more reliable than spoken words.

Body language refers to the nonverbal signals that we use to communicate.

According to experts, these nonverbal signals make up a huge part of daily communication.

Unlike men, who display no more than 10 or 15 signs that they're interested, women have over 50 gestures that they use to flirt with.

It's well known that good communication is the foundation of any successful relationship, be it personal or professional.

When she turns her shoulders away from you, even though she may continue speaking with you, she is not interested. Women touch their erogenous zones when they are very interested and are absolutely flirting with you.

They will touch their lips and may apply lipstick when they know you are watching.

If the woman's pupils become dilated while you stare into her eyes, she may be getting aroused and want to see more of you.

Also: 10 Men’s Haircuts That Turn Women On We asked Janine Driver, a body language expert who used to sniff out BS from bad guys with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and the author of the , for tips. But we’re referring to The Belly Button Rule: If she’s facing it in your direction, she likes you.

“If her belly button is toward the door, she wants out,” Driver says. You’ve made her comfortable enough to trust that you’re not an axe-murdering monster, so whatever you’re doing, it’s working.

There's a good chance this guy just wants a no-strings fling.

"A sneerlike grin is an indication that he's not being sincere with you," points out body language expert Patti Wood.

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Understanding body language is important, but it is also essential to pay attention to other cues such as context.

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