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Occasionally, you’ll be hanging out with a group of your friends when one of you suddenly gets up and announces, “Be right back. Yet, you’ve probably never heard anyone stand up in a room full of people and admit, “Hold up. Why does pee get a free pass whereas poop is essentially the “Bodily Function That Must not be Named?” That’s right – we just referred to poop as the Voldemort of the human body. Since poop is a great indicator of our overall health, not discussing it may actually be keeping us away from some solid knowledge.

is a dating website with a difference; it only accepts married people, or someone wanting to date a married person. Although his mission can be perceived as very wrong (for the record: cheating is bad!The business slowly took off, and despite the dirty work, Osborn says he enjoyed satisfying the customers and working outdoors in some of the nicest backyards in Ohio. And many have developed a set of rituals and beliefs, some false, about the act of clearing one's bowels.He had a wife, a daughter and a son on the way, and was desperate to make some extra money.He learned that there were about 100,000 dogs within 15 miles of his home.

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