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Knowing your customer is a key to creating strong, effective marketing.Because we know Baby Boomers are attached to their smart phones, we can determine how and when to incorporate a mobile campaign.“They are actually really good friends and actually quite similar, both hard-working guys.It’s a lot better of a relationship than people probably think it is.“You only have to look at what’s online, what’s on television, what’s on radio.

We start by generating a Key Word Analysis Report that not only details your Website Search Engine Readiness but also compares your website to others that share the same Key Words and Phrases.Sydney Esiason does not expect to spend a lot of time in her family home this postseason, even with her boyfriend’s Islanders eliminated.Sydney is the daughter of Boomer Esiason, who bleeds Rangers blue and red, especially during the postseason.The survey also found that 68.3% of respondents felt advertisers never or very rarely target their age group on a regular basis, while 31.7% said advertisers sometimes target their age group.No one in the group said they were targeted by advertisers often or almost always.

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