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“Women get in touch with us through the Himmat app when they are harassed or face domestic violence,” Nanda says of the mobile app launched by Delhi Police last year.“Himmat,” a Hindi word for strength, allows female smartphone users to send a distress alert to police as well as friends and family listed on the app.Local media in India are reporting that police are struggling with the issue because the callers are anonymous and often use untraceable SIM-cards.Police have made no arrests, years after it came to light, and go after the shops instead of the cold-callers.

The village council of Baldiyapura, near Dholpur in the state of Rajasthan, told parents to stop their daughters wearing jeans and other Western clothing and said mobile phones were “ruining our culture”.

With this skill, the girls can then develop mobile applications that aim to combat everyday issues including “sexual harassment, access to water and education.” Using the MIT App Inventor, online video instruction, documentary films and Powerpoint presentations, Ranjan and the Dharavi Diary project team teaches girls between the ages eight and 16, the basics of coding.

Ranjan first became involved in working with the Dharavi community after he made a film titled in 2012.

It warned that these decisions would be “forcibly” implemented in the village.

The council also banned alcohol consumption – imposing a fine of R1,000 (£12) on anyone found with it as well as offering a R500 (£6) reward for anyone who reports its sale and disruption, the Council leader Kanasil Hariom Singh said: “Good decisions were taken by the panchayat (village council) to eradicate social evils.

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Now police and women’s groups are fighting back against the stalker’s fetish.

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