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Highbury society eagerly anticipates his visit to his newly married father, but he consistently delays.Frank Churchill is somewhat shallow, more interested in pursuing pleasure than any concrete pursuits, but he is also handsome and charming enough to attract Emma. Upon her mother's death, she was taken in by Colonel Campbell, who served with her father in the army.Emma often behaves in a frivolous or selfish way, and shows a lack of consideration for her friends and neighbours.She carelessly manipulates the life of her friend Harriet Smith, neglects her acquaintance Jane Fairfax, and insults the poor and dependent Miss Bates.However, her friends, especially Mrs Weston and George Knightley, see potential in her to improve herself and become a good person.George Knightley is Emma's friend, brother-in-law, and ultimately her love interest.

Alex forces Emma to hire an assistant: Harriet Smith.

The series opens on Emma tying up loose ends on her twentieth successful match — her friend Annie Taylor and cupcake company CEO Ryan Weston.

Professional matchmaker and lifestyle coach Emma Woodhouse documenting her rise to Oprah-level fame and success.

The series ended on August 23, 2014 and has accumulated over 3 million views on the Pemberley Digital You Tube channel.

The series focuses on the life of Emma Woodhouse and takes place at the offices of her eponymous lifestyle company, Emma Approved, an all-in-one lifestyle coaching, matchmaking, and event planning company.

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He is secretly engaged to Jane Fairfax, but cannot reveal this because the aunt who raised him would strenuously object. The same age is Emma, she is equally talented, charming and well-regarded, a fact that quite vexes Emma. The vicar of the church in Highbury whom Emma chooses as a possible suitor for Harriet Smith. Elton ultimately reveals his romantic interest in Emma herself, but she rejects him. From this marriage he had a son, Frank Churchill, whom he sent away to be raised by his late wife's relatives. Emma convinces Harriet to reject his first proposal of marriage because she believes that he is too coarse.

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