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The mineral vein was discovered when loose rocks of galena were found just below the surface of farm land. During that short 14 year period, 545 square metres was stoped to produce 390 tonnes of lead containing 28 kilograms of silver.

Today the mine is rich in what was left behind by the miners.

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You do not have to be in the picture, neither your GPSr.

If you cannot provide a photo your visit will still be welcome, but then you have to tell us a bit more about your visit.

The mine is owned by the Geoghegan family who have done an astonishing amount of work to stabilise the surface, pump-out the mine, build steps to give access to the upper workings, and repair the buildings.

Recordings first visited Glengowla silver-lead mine near Oughterard, County Galway in Ireland in 1997 to explore it before it was opened as Ireland's first show mine.

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