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Here’s what you’re looking for: US version #1: Models produced by Fender Japan, regardless of how you feel about them, are less valuable than the US versions, with bodies made from basswood (as opposed to the traditional alder of the US versions) and generally worse scallop jobs.

Up close you can often see quickie, machine-style scallops in their fretboards; a shallower cut that does not reach all the way from one fret to the next, but rather creates a small trench in the wood between flat, unscalloped ledges.

It’s easy to identify the Fender US approach as more appealing, having more craftsmanship invested in it; however, it has been said that refretting the Japanese style board would be an easier job, which may be true or may not.

I’ve owned all three US versions of the Fender Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster, and although I got rid of the earliest model, I still have the next two models, which are much closer in spec and appearance, and by far the two you’re most likely to find out there today.

Within a few seconds, however, Russell—a guitarist who provides backing tracks, gear demos and reviews on You Tube—realized it was a fake."Someone had rubbed off the Squier logo from the headstock and put a fake Fender waterslide on it," Russell says."In this video I compare this fake Fender Strat to two 'real' U. Fender Strats, a Mexican Fender Strat and a Squier Strat.

Here are the things I identified as a fake: truss-rod opening, bridge, serial number, headstock, logo, tuners and more."Basically, if you have any doubts about a recent purchase—or if you just want to be prepared for the future—this video is a must-watch.

Your serial seems to match up: G 6 digits 1987-1988 Mine is a Squier E7-serial, so unfortunatly not a JV : | Well Made in USA strats are made in America by Mexicans, and Mexican strats are made in Mexico by Mexicans ,,, go figure that one out...

Your serial seems to match up: G 6 digits 1987-1988 Mine is a Squier E7-serial, so unfortunatly not a JV : | Well one of the pictures did'nt show up but belive me whan I say back in the day when Japanese Fenders were not 'cool' to own, people would scrape off the Made in Japan decals. They may have even reapplied finish to cover it up. Some of the Japanese strat parts made it to the Korean plant when they moved out of Japan, so you have Korean assembled Japanese surplus parts strats, say that 10 time fast ...

The Fender Book This book features striking color photography and a reference section of model specs for identifying and dating Fenders made in the U. Fender Amps: First 50 Years Chronicles Fender's amazing contribution to the amplifier, providing a complete overview of its history and operation.Features 40-page color section with two-page fold out.The Story of the Fender Strat® Traces the evolution of the Stratocaster from its beginning to worldwide acclaim 40 years later.I'd like myself a strat, but I'd rather start with a good Japanese/American strat instead of getting a bad Jap/MIM to bring my hopes down. Of course, better condition, higher value and the opposite, but think around it being one in good condition.Looking for quite high-tier, perhaps not the new Professional line, but Standard or above.

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