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Explore the city's famous attractions and stunning natural beauty in an excursion arranged by Waldorf Astoria Chengdu.

Take an escorted bicycle ride into thriving city center or a guided walk down historical streets and alleyways.

Aviva Shpigelshtein, deputy secretary-general of Haifa Municipality, has visited Chengdu twice since the sister city tie was forged.

The city’s service sector already accounts for 50% of the economy and is predicted to grow to 60% within the next 10 years.

Tourism is growing particularly quickly, as Chengdu was named a CED (World Centre of Excellence for Destinations) city in 2010[see Time off? It has enjoyed visits from top ranking officials such as David Cameron, Angela Merkel and Michelle Obama in the last five years.

2.1km from hotel, taxi: 10mins, RMB10 Youngling is the five dynasties and ten states Shu Wang before the founding emperor's mausoleum, commonly known as the tomb when, China is the only known in the building above the ground and the first discovered through a formal imperial mausoleum.

2km from hotel, taxi: 9mins, RMB 8 The Chengdu imperial palace is located in the west mosque tianfu square, referred to as the imperial palace temple, located in the center of the brook street no.

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Opportunities High-tech industries such as integrated circuit design and software development should continue to be attracted by good local R&D and educational facilities.

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