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After all, the straight guys, in a welcome twist, are forced into a closet, made to pose as gay, right down to smacking lips with another guy.

Boy Meets Boy puts a twist on the traditional reality dating show.

It is intended to challenge our standard assumptions and preconceived ideas of what is gay or straight behavior.

In short, can you as the viewer determine who is gay, and who is straight?

If you were to ritualize the art of gay bashing — take it right to the point where the homosexual patsy follows his wolfishly smiling predator down the alley and then freeze it just before the victim’s senseless body crumples to the pavement — you might end up with something close to “Boy Meets Boy,” Bravo’s intriguingly awful variant on the reality-dating formula.

The only trouble is that, by the time the show wraps up tonight (8 p.m. “Boy Meets Boy” follows the romantic mazurka of James, a winsome young homo.

The first and, of course, the most obvious segment: other gay men.If the gay contestant picks a gay suitor, he wins ,000, and the two are sent on a trip to New Zealand.But, if he picks one of the heterosexual impostors, the straight guy walks off with the 20 grand.The first reality dating show for gay men, Boy Meets Boy centers around handsome young professional James Getzlaff as he chooses his soulmate from among a group of 15 men.But as James spends time with the suitors--both in their luxurious group living quarters as well as on individual dates--and decides which of them to eliminate, he is unaware of one twist: not all of the men are gay.

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