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For the purpose of this topic you need to add Colors Names and Bitmap Names.In the Live Bindings Designer: Your bindings diagram should look as pictured: And you can see that the data on the string grid and the list box automatically updated on the form: Run the application by pressing F9 or selecting Run Run from the main menu.Now you have to add some sample data to the prototype binding source component.Refer to the Tutorial: Using TPrototype Bind Source and the Live Bindings Designer topic in order to learn how to add sample data.You can modify the code to suit the needs of your application.Depending on your application requirements, there are several steps you may want to perform after creating a data-bound form in your Windows application.

(In this example I have set these properties as given.)Step 5 : Now select a Text Box and go to its Text property under Data Bindings.Introduction The Binding Navigator control provides a UI for navigating records in a form.Generally this control is used with the Binding Source control to move from a record to another record.This example uses the window, code to save data is automatically added for the first table dragged onto a form.Any additional tables added to a form require the manual addition of any code required to save data.

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