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It was not immediately clear why Rela has been shut down.The company did not respond to an email seeking comment.

(I think at this point we can all agree that women are, after all, more complex and advanced creatures than men.) But the triggers are still there, whether it’s an unlock, a match, or a follow.

Since July 1 2013, all applying for work (Z) visas have had to provide a police clearance certificate from their home country.

Having recently been through the visa process myself, I can confirm that this is well enforced.

My friend Y just finished his first date with this guy and described him as “a wonderful, smart and poised gentleman”. Carson recently appeared on Bravo’s , explaining: “Your phone is an addiction machine.” Gay dating apps, he explained, are the worst offenders – they work like slot machines and everyone could be addicted.

He praised the date for an unquestionably rare quality—the guy was capable of carrying on a conversation without mentioning sex and he didn’t check his phone the entire time! While you are alone, with friends, or at work, the buzz of Grindr’s notification always gets your attention.

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