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Lederer's writing style was direct, but often witty and sometimes acerbic.

She would regularly upbraid an errant letter-writer with the quip, "Watch it, bub!

It is part of a collection donated to the Library of Congress and per the instrument of gift it is in the public domain.

This photograph is a work for hire created prior to 1968 by a staff photographer at New York World-Telegram & Sun.I'm in high school, and I'm searching for a relationship with a certain girl. DEAR ABBY: I am the mother of two teenaged girls (13 and 15) and have been debating whether to tell them a secret about my past.When I was in high school, I made some poor decisions.She was also unafraid to take a line on controversial issues, and angered a number of powerful pressure groups, including the anti-abortion lobby, the National Rifle Association and animal rights organisations (she supported the use of animals in medical research)."Those groups really despise me," she commented, "and I'm very proud of it." She was, however, made to apologise for describing Pope John Paul II as "a Polack".

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