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It is often associated with alcohol, substance and drug abuse and on-going emotional and lifestyle difficulties.The good news is that, no matter how it feels, the challenges of ADHD are beatable.NHS Bristol is conducting a survey about the mental health services they commission so if you like you can also take part in it (as well as contacting PALS) here is a link to the survey: i have been funded by local Welsh PCT for 4 apts between May 20. I am in middle of transfer to a "pilot" ADHD service in Caerphilly. You may like to know if you do not know already, that i was told how recently the Bristol clinic discovered how 60 out of area refferal patients being seen at clinic funded by other PCTs, had "not been paying" Bristol AWP for services for OVER 1.5yrs! So they sent letters out to all patiants whos local PCT had not paid (like mine) saying they would no longer see them as of immediatly, and to speak to local PCT if any questions.Pretty awful they were so badly managed in Bristol that whoever is in charge had not spotted that their finances were out of order and had not been paid for so long. DHere is a link to a needs assessment done for Bristol this last July (2011) that concludes that 80% of adults screened positive for ADHD in Bristol do not receive treatment and that only 6% of adults with ADHD nationally receive both medication and I got my GP to refer me to the Bristol clinic in December 2010.I have to say the process from consultant to physiologist took 9 months and i we advised to change diet/exercise and things before seeing the physiologist and i had done this. My driving record is spotless not a single thing faulting me its perfect.I actually find driving easy as my multi-tasking ability is amazing.With education and support you can learn to manage the symptoms of adult ADHD − even turning some of your weaknesses into strengths.

Come and join us at our support group 10am – 12 noon. ‘’That you are the only person going through this’’This is a group of parents that are all going through similar situations we all support each other.For many, just getting a diagnosis and understanding that there was a reason for many of their past difficulties can be an enormous relief. Do you find you have no one to turn to for support that understands?I have contacted NHS Bristol to get their take on this situation and will keep you updated.In the meantime, if anyone has been affected by this and/or has been left waiting indefinitely for an appointment please ring the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) Officers for NHS Bristol at 01 and ask them to urge the funding decision makers to restore the funding.

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