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With my green eyes full sexy lips I will make you cum in a minute! I'm a busty girl that loves to talk about bareback. There are always people on our free chat line at all hours of the day or night looking to chat or have stimulating phone sex with other callers. Just pick up the phone and call Tele Chat as someone may waiting to chat live with you now.Good luck and have fun chatting and tell your friends about our free adult chat line!

You will always find exciting men, women, couples, bisexuals, gays or lesbians looking to connect with you instantly from all over the United States. There are absolutely no 900 or 976 per minute charges, memberships, or credit cards required to use our free chat line.While she says she loves what she does most nights, she also acknowledges that it is unlikely that she could fully support herself with this job alone. I'm going to have to eventually explain sex, porn, all of that. It's really important for me that it's my choice to do it. Here are some of the questions and answers from her AMA that shed more light on what it's really like to be a phone-sex operator. I feel like this is just another extension of that. My husband had a bad habit for a little while of saying things like "shouldn't you clock in now? An overwhelming amount of the guys I talk to fit into one of two categories. I had a customer get mad at me because he said I was confusing him with another guy and he was mad I didn't remember him, but I take pretty detailed notes so that doesn't happen. But a recent Reddit AMA with an unnamed phone-sex operator reveals that, unless you truly love what you do, this job is not as rewarding as you'd hope. Honestly, my day job is in a call center, so it's not really that different. The 25-year-old mother and wife writes that she holds an office job by day and works from home as a dispatch phone-sex operator by night. I did some searching online for phone-sex operator (PSO) companies. I got a call a few weeks later, had a phone interview, and they got me set up to start working the next night. As she gets older, if I'm still doing it, I'll explain more to her. I plan on doing it as long as it's still fun and I'm making money.

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If you were to do it during the weekdays, I don't know how busy you'd be, but I know you do still get some calls. For my company at least you have to be 18, have to have a landline phone, you have to have internet connection and AIM installed, you have to have a clear phone voice, and you have to be willing to take the taboo calls. I come home and have dinner with my husband and our daughter, put her to bed, log in, then my husband and I hang out while I wait for calls. The nice thing about being a contracted employee is that they can't tell you when to work.

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