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The concept for Yukari is "People who are related to the VOCALOID connect the sounds/moon to one another," (VOCALOIDに縁のある人達が音(月)を結ぶ).The English title is "She unites you all with her voice".Yuzuki Yukari was aimed at producers rather than the general VOCALOID fandom.She was also made to be capable of being bought with many different other software bundles, including both of her VOICEROID and VOCALOID versions, as well as the software suite Music Maker MX.She is best known to Western audiences as Yomi in Riki-Oh.After her Hong Kong career dried up, she left for the Philippines in the 1990s and used the stage name Cynthia Luster.In Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, now 19 years old, she reappears and is wearing the uniform of Pink Argus.

In December 2014, "There's Supposed to Be a Cheat Code for Happiness" became her first original song to achieve 1 million views on Nico Video.

She is loosely inspired by the legend of the moon rabbit.

Her age, weight, and height were supplied in "ボカロPlus vol.4".

On the weekends and days off in summer, and in A Certain Day of Summer, she wears a pink tank top with orange straps and detail, and faded navy blue pants.

She is never seen without her heart-shaped choker except when in a bath towel (during the July Operation only male protagonist's storyline and Kyoto at their third day), in her pink and blue two-piece swimsuit (during the beach excursion in Yakushima), or in her kimono (during both the Summer and New Year's Festivals).

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The series was licensed for English language release in North America by Tokyopop but the publisher announced via Facebook that "our time with Love Attack has ended (...)", making the series officially canceled in the U. High school freshman Chiemi Yusa often gets into fights while standing up for people being bullied.

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